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what we do

Just a few examples of the work we've done and what we can do for you.

Affinity Riverside Estate

A sunset view of a venue with a ladder leaned up against the second story

This lovely Event/Wedding Venue in Nixa is built on rolling hills, almost none of the windows can be reached with a normal ladder. After the siding was renovated, there was construction debris pocking the windows. 3 hours later, all of the selected windows were clean, construction debris was removed and a happy client had a well maintained facility to offer to their clientele.

Mark Z.

This beautiful suburban home located on the outskirts of Springfield needed a little love. With a few tools, both the 1st and 2nd story windows were back to thier prime, screens were clean, and tracks & frames brushed off.

A tech cleaning a second story window with a trad pole

A.R.E. Airbnb Cabin

A serine cabin on the James River set against a sunset

Built along a river, this unique AirBnB cabin has unique 2nd story triangular windows, deck furniture, and tight cozy spaces inside. After taking pictures of exactly where furniture is supposed to go, we moved any obstructing items, cleaned, and then put everything back the way it was found. 2 hours after starting, the windows were sparkling inside and out.

Maxim S.

Set in the hills of Walnut Grove, this new 2 story home needed its routine Spring window cleaning. 3 hours later, windows were clean inside and out, tracks brushed out, and this busy family could relax knowing that all of the cleaning was checked off of thier list.

A side view of a 2-story home set against a blue sky
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